First Logo (1954-1959) Edit

Logo: In a film production studio, we see a camera tilting itself to the viewer, and it zooms in as the studio lights turn on. Then we get a closeup of a bobcat out of nowhere, and it starts to roar ultra loudly. Then, we zoom into it's mouth to get the text "Standard Enterprises" while the second "A" in standard becomes a vampire and does the bobcat roar.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic sounding 1940s tune.

FX/SFX: The camera zooming, the bobcat roaring, and the "A" turning into a vampire.

Cheesy Factor: The camera part was obviously filmed at nine arts studio, and the bobcat roaring plastered over the camera zooming. This is one of the most strange and random logos ever!

Availability: Extremely Rare. Seen on some programs from the 1950s, which were almost non-existent on video tapes anymore.

Scare Factor: WAY OFF THE FREAKING SCALE! The camera zooming, the dramatic fanfare, the bobcat roaring at full volume, and the "A" in vampire form will definitely give you years of nightmares. This can damage your speakers, make you go deaf, or even destroy your TV! This will go down as the scariest TV logo, or even logo of all time!

Second Logo (1959-1976) Edit

Third Logo (1976-1992) Edit